Friday, May 31, 2013

Tea and Armaggedon

Armageddon came to Wellington this weekend. Not quite the end of the world, but a gathering of like minded folk who are in to all things Sci-fi and fantasy related. Or rather, as some people might put it, an opportunity to sell all kinds of tat to odd people dressed in wierd costumes!

Well I am one of these weird people, although I unfortunately did not dress up (apparently that would be rather embarrassing or so my husband and my eight year old claim!) I thought it was all rather cool.

There were an enormous amount of games, stuffed animals and wierd and wonderful plastic figurines. The girls were entranced!

Also a lot of fake weaponary.  I was rather impressed with a Klingon sword which I thought would go rather well in our dining room. Too expensive though :(

Love the weird Japonese cartoons. Do not understand them at all, but they are clearly very popular.

Lots of very well endowed figurines! 

My favourite bit! Love a bit of Dr Who!

This little chap nearly came home with us, but he was unfortunately a little on the expensive side.

My daughters favourite find. A Lisa Simpson for my little Lisa Simpson.

Sylvester McCoy. He was really rather interesting and very like his Dr Who persona in real life. Yes that is a blue cat sitting in the audience. He asked a very deep and insightful question.

I am not sure why the wrestling was in the exhibition, but they were very good. We had to emphasize to the girls that it was all pretend and they were not to attempt anything like this at home!

It'is difficult to eat your lunch when you are surrounded by green and blue gnomes and creatures who stepped straight out of a Japanese animation. Its a bit distracting.

So my greatest find and the only thing purchased at Armaggedon is now one of my most treasured possessions. A Tardis Teapot. So awesome!

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