Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rabbit and Guinea Heaven

Our rabbit is called Harry. Harry is extremely good at escaping. However once he has escaped, and made us also panic and search frantically for him, he always looks very relieved to be found once again. He generally hops up to us very obligingly (after giving us a very nerve wracking few minutes) and sits at my feet waiting to be picked up and cuddled.

I think he likes the idea of freedom but the reality is just a bit too scary and the world just a bit too big and untamed for him. There are also a number of large cats in the vicinity of our new house. And whilst they tend to run away from Harry when he hops up to them from behind wire, I think if he met them without any fence to protect him he may not come out the winner from any confrontation.

We also have a Guinea pig called Errol. He is not brave or adventurous and does not like being picked up cuddled or fussed with in anyway. He likes to sit under his arched wooden shelter and eat and poo. That appears to be his ideal pass time. I am sure there are many humans who would also aspire to this way of life.

Anyway, now we have our own home, we felt it was time to build the Guinea and the Rabbit a permanent run in our back garden.

My other half and I are not in anyway qualified to use power tools or construct anything ourselves. We have struggled putting together Ikea furniture in the past, so building a run was a challenge. However I think we rose to the challenge quite adequately. Although the final result is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, it does the job!

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