Friday, May 3, 2013

Views of our new suburb - because I love it!

 I grew up by the sea, and so I think it is natural that I wanted to live somewhere within walking distance of the sea again. Now from leaving our front door to being able to paddle our feet takes approximately four minutes. Two and a half if you sprint!

As our (very professional and smooth talking) estate agent said "you really get the beach lifestyle living in Plimmerton" and I guess he is right. We were rather seduced by the large number of families who obviously came home from work and then spent the evenings on the beach watching the last of the suns rays reflected in the clear blue water.

Since my brother and sister live in the original Brighton, I think its only fitting that I live in what was at one time believed to be the "new Brighton". Since there are only about two thousand people currently living in Plimmerton it has a way to go before becoming as populous (or as trendy) as the old Brighton.

The little suburb does have a real sense of community and has a number of really good events that take place through the year. It was recently Plimmerton Promenades which involved a best dressed dog competition, dance shows, stalls and the opening up of the fire station. This little fire station is great and I love the fact that from our new house we can hear the air raid siren go off calling all the retained fire fighters in.

The village still looks a bit like an old western frontier town to me. The old cars just added to the atmosphere.

The sea is still the best bit about our new home.

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