Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bedrooms and Tree Turkeys.

When we moved in we knew one of the first jobs we would tackle would be the children's bedrooms. Our house is designed on three levels, with bedrooms on the ground and second floor. The main living area is in between. This means that the bedrooms on the ground floor can be a bit dark.
So we decided to tackle these first and make sure they were nice cheery places for the kids to play.

Someone who previously lived in our house obviously liked the colour orange. A lot of the house is orange and blue. Interesting combination I think you'll agree. It made the ground floor appear even darker than it naturally is. So we decided white was a good way to go.

Being progressive parents and wanting to encourage our children's creativity and individuality, we allowed them to choose one colour for one wall in their rooms. The other three walls would be white. Well my youngest daughter chose "pea green". Okay it's not actually called that on the pot, it called something much more seductive like "spring meadow", but it is essential pea green. Lovely! We couldn't go back on our promise to allow them to choose, so we came back from Bunnings (NZ equivalent of B&Q) with a lovely pot of pea green paint!

Also rather riskily, we allowed the kids to help paint the rooms too!

Rather surprisingly once the "pea green" was put on the walls it actually looked rather nice.

My other half also got rather inspired and decided to paint a tree and what is apparently a bird of paradise in its branches. Me and the kids decided it looked more like a Turkey! However I think the end result has really cheered and brightened up the smallest bedroom.


  1. You did a great job on giving your kids' bedroom a fresh look. The wall art was nice as it made the room look different. I also like that you let your children get involved with the renovation process because you get to have bonding time with them. They'll feel proud too because they know that they had a part to make this room beautiful.

    Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Renovations

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping it is something they will remember doing when they grow up and it was certainly something we enjoyed.