Sunday, June 2, 2013

Handbags and Gladrags from Trade Me.

I have spent a large proportion of the last week obsessing over handbags.

Shoes and handbags are easy to get obsessive over. I use my handbag daily, it carries some of the most vital and important objects in my life. Plus it has many cool pockets and co-ordinates with my outfits!

However,  having just bought a house I have no money for frivolous things like handbags. So I have been looking on Trade Me all week to try and find a replacement for my current, rather knackered looking bag.

Trade Me is the New Zealand equivalent of Ebay. It might not have the vast choice and huge number of users that the UK Ebay does, but it is still pretty impressive for a nation of under 5 million. I believe that there is a NZ version of Ebay but I don't think many people use it as I have never heard anyone mention buying anything from there. Whereas the use of Trade Me is ubiquitous on these small Islands.

We have bought many things from Trade Me over the last four and a bit years. Our car was an early Trade Me buy, as was my sewing machine and a fair number of the kids toys.

Prompted by the fact we have moved within walking distance of a rather good charity shop (or Op Shop as they seem to be called over here) I have decided to see if I can get things second hand rather than buying new. This coupled with the fact that we have to watch the pennies at the moment (or should I say cents!) has led me to spend several hours scouring the listings on Trade Me for vintage, but gorgeous and cheap, handbags. I managed to win two auctions. Although these are not my "to die for" bag I still think I was pretty successful.

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