Friday, May 1, 2009

Our First Earthquake in Wellington

It was brilliant! I was sitting on the floor in the lounge (our furniture has still not arrived) and I thought someone was driving a bulldozer in the back garden and making the wall shake - then I thought it must be a very large underground train. Then I remembered we weren't in Brussels anymore and realised it must be an earthquake. The girls unbelievably failed to notice anything as they were to engrossed in Barbie singing on the TV.

It occurred at 5.16pm and was magnitude 4.1 - so not that big but still noticeable. Apparently there are 15000 earthquakes in New Zealand each year but only 250 are big enough to be felt. So I am looking forward to the next one - as long as its not larger than magnitude 6!


  1. I'd forgotten that NZ is one of those places that lies on the back of a sleeping dragon. Obviously this one is always chasing cats and having a gentle scratch in its sleep. Idris the Welsh dragon asked me to send his regards!

  2. There have been several since then, apparently.

    I always take a look at to find out the magnitude and location of each earthquake.

    We've been here 3 months and only felt one each, however.

  3. Thanks - that website looks good.
    I'm a bit annoyed as my husband keeps ringing me up from his work in Wellington city to ask if I've felt the latest earthquake which I usually haven't. Out here in Whitby we don't seem to feel them very often. Most annoying.