Thursday, May 14, 2009

What do we miss?

It has been another tough week as we still all have colds and to top it off some silly woman backed into my car. This made me rather upset and since I couldn't get hold of DH I ended up phoning my Dad up in France. It was only 5.30am in the morning in France but I think my Dad handled it very well. Having a 33year old grown woman ringing him up in tears from the other side of the world and moaning about, what turned out to be, a minor scratch on the car, is something my Dad can obviously take in his stride!

So I thought it was time we reminded ourselves why we are here. I have asked everyone why they like living in New Zealand and what they miss about the UK.

Things I like about New Zealand.

1. The weather. Very changeable and exciting. (4 seasons in one day - as Crowded House said).
2. The countryside and the accessibility of it.
3. The people. Very friendly, welcoming and easy going.
4. Kid friendly environment. Excellent schools, facilities for kids.
5. Roads/Driving. Apart from the recent incident a great place to drive.
6. DHs commute. We get to see a lot more of him.
7. Potential for me to go back to work. Should be fairly easy hopefully.
8. Earthquakes and Volcanoes - very exciting geography!

Things I miss about the UK

1. Family - Its not quite the same talking on Skype - and it is very difficult when people are unwell and you can't just hop on a plane as the price from 12'000 miles away is just too prohibitive.
2. Friends
3. Doctor Who - OK there are a few programmes that I really miss - the TV here is generally dire.
4. Custard Creams.
5. Radio 2 - Terry Wogan in the morning. Bit young to be a tog really.

I asked the girls what they liked about New Zealand and what they missed about the UK.

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