Saturday, May 30, 2009

Four Seasons in One Day

We have been busy unpacking this weekend and watching the weather pass by our living room. The forecasters predicted snow and so far we have seen bright sunshine, hail, rain and snow. We have rather a good view from our lounge and can see the hail pass from east to west across the valley below.
I am wondering if our cheap Ikea furniture is now more valuable as we have shipped it twelve thousand miles and there is no Ikea in this country? Probably not!

Nothing can describe how pleasurable it is to actually be able to sit at a proper table and eat your breakfast after 3 months of sitting on the floor and eating off your lap.

Naughty toads on the balcony!

Watching the hail fall is fascinating when your two!

Hail in our back garden.
Ten minutes after the hail and its bright sunshine again. This is the view from our balcony towards Pautahanui inlet.

The girls thought it would be a good idea to helpfully point out all the mistakes Daddy was making when putting the shelves together.

According to my girls the empty boxes make excellent pirate ships, cars, buses and many other innovative forms of transport.


  1. I miss Ikea. The Warehouse is no substitute.

  2. I miss the chips and meatballs from the Ikea restaurant and that amazing sauce they pour over them. Yum! I agree Warehouse isnt the same.

  3. There is something about unpacking all your stuff and realising that it's older, dirtier and less cool than you remember. I personally had some bad experiences with Ikea furniture so don't miss that nut do miss their ever so cheap and funky kitchen stuff. Shopping, per say, but especially furniture in New Zealand has been a real challenge and relatively expensive so just as well you brought everything with you!

  4. We didn't bring most our furniture - it's in storage. So we spent long evenings buying overpriced junk on Trade Me.

    I can really understand that table-after-three-months-eating-on-your-lap feeling though. It's as if life has finally given you a large, pleasing kiss.