Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wind, Rain, Aliens and Monsters.

Its been a very wet and windy weekend so we have been unable to take one of our usual treks into the New Zealand countryside. So we decided to "boldly go where no parent of a two year old has gone before" and attempt the cinema with the girls. There is a big cinema in the shopping mall in Lower Hutt so we decided to go there. I wanted to see the new Star Trek movie but the girls were unlikely to be interested in how James T Kirk got the T in his name so we opted for "Monsters V Aliens".

It is a great film and surprisingly I got to see quite a lot of it. Dd2 managed to watch most of the film sitting in her own seat. She only got bored in the last half an hour when she started walking between myself and DH and tipping the remaining popcorn over the seats in artistic patterns.

The girls review of the film is shown below.

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