Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eastbourne in the Drizzle - Butterfly Creek

We are determined to get out and see as much of our local area as possible, whatever the weather. So this Saturday we headed off towards Eastbourne which is on the opposite side of the bay to Wellington City. We were really curious to see if this Eastbourne bore any resemblance to the one on the south coast of the UK.

Well Eastbourne in New Zealand is by the sea and does have a mini pier like structure where the ferries come in but that appears to be where the resemblance ends. There is no promenade, Arndale centre or Treasure Island on the seafront. However the views across the bay are fantastic and the scenic drive along the coast is breath taking.
We didn't actually stop in Eastbourne itself but headed towards Butterfly Creek which lies in the hills just behind the town.
The photos do not really do this area justice as the climb up gives you amazing views across the bays but unfortunately the weather was a bit dodgy and the clouds and rain obscured the view.

We had to bribe the girls with gingerbread men!

The paths through Butterfly Creek were cut out during the depression by unemployed workmen through the sheer bedrock by the look of it.

And once again it was fairly windy!

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