Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Wet Week in Wellington.

Well its certainly been raining this week. It has been raining so heavily at times that it has been waking me up in the middle of the night as its pummeling so hard against the roof. Thank god we don't have a corrugated iron roof like some of the houses around here as that must sound like thunder! We have even woken up to flooded fields in the valley below us - its been quite picturesque. I have been assured by the other Mums I have been chatting to at Kindergarten that this weather is normal for Wellington and I am going to have to get used to it.

The girls have quite liked it as it has given them a good excuse to wear their new wellies (or gum boots as they are known over here). DD2 has "pirate wellies" as she calls them with skull and cross bones all over them. She has been wearing them solidly throughout the week, rain or shine. I can see a tantrum brewing when I have to try and get her back into her normal shoes.
The rain has meant that we have been stuck in the house more than usual this week which is somewhat tricky when you have no furniture yet and very few toys or other entertainment. I have had to use all my skills and patience to prevent myself from being driven slowly round the bend.
So far this week we have made cards with glitter and glue, completed numerous sticker books and made fairy cakes. Making fairy cakes with no cooking equipment other than knives, forks, spoons and a saucepan is a highly impressive achievement I think you'll agree. They did end up all sinking rather in the middle, but still tasted OK and the girls liked them.

We have also been to the Toy Library and the Book Library as well and in between rain showers we have been going outside to splash in puddles!

To round off a wet week, when the sun did finally come out we went on the "Wet Foot Track" in Belmont Park. This is an excellent track which follows the stream up through the valley ending at a waterfall. You cross the stream in many places and even have to walk up the stream itself at times. It is a great walk and the girls loved it. However its not a good idea to attempt this walk after a week of heavy rain as we found the stream very fast flowing and couldn't follow it all the way up the valley.

Picking up stones and seeing whats living underneath them is great fun.

Its not easy negotiating the "rapids" with a large rucksack on your back!

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