Saturday, April 25, 2009

Walks in Wellington - Tanes Track

We decided to make the most of the Autumn sunshine and headed out to Tunnel Gully Recreation Area at the foot of the Rimutaka mountain range. Its only a quick 40 minute drive from us and follows a scenic route along Hutt Valley. The walk we decided to do is called Tanes Track and goes through dense rain forest full of vines (liana) straight out of The Jungle Book. It also passes the Mangaroa Tunnel which is left over from a railway line which used to run from Wellington to Masterson.

One of the most essential things to buy when you get to New Zealand is a decent back pack to carry toddlers in. Get one with and good safety strap across the shoulders as we found that my daughter likes to lean dramatically out especially when your walking across bridges.

The scenery as you walk through the forest is amazing.

There were some lovely open picnic areas - my youngest daughter was unimpressed with her marmite sandwiches.

But there was lots of room to run around!
The picnic areas are always really well maintained and all have loo block with them. Some of them have "drop toilets" - I will let you imagine what this involves!

The entrance to the tunnel which was built in 1857. You could still see the soot and smoke from the old trains on the roof of the tunnel.

We were brave enough to walk through the tunnel but if you plan to do this make sure you bring a torch - it gets very dark in the middle.

The girls were fascinated by the sticky sap seeping from the tree.

This bird followed us along the track for about 10 minutes and kept flashing its fan of feathers on its rear end at us in a menacing fashion.

Apparently these birds follow people as they walk along and eat the insects that people disturb as they pass.

Just to prove it can get chilly in New Zealand DD2 insists on wearing her pack-a-mac and thick jumper.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Tanes Track, it's a regular walk of ours. We can see the picnic area from our kitchen window. Were you per chance at Kaitoke Regional Park Sunday, 14th?

  2. You must live in a beautiful spot! Don't think we were there on the 14th - its difficult to think back that far - but we have been there a couple of times.