Monday, April 27, 2009

Walks in Wellington - Red Rocks.

It was a warm Saturday in April so we decided to take a walk along the coast to see the "Red Rocks". These are some coastal rocks which have turned red due to the iron oxides in them. We were also hopeful that we might see some seals as they apparently come on shore in this area. We parked the car in the entrance to Taputeranga Marine Reserve which is where the walk starts from.

As you can see from the picture it was a little bit windy when we set off.

The beach in this area is covered in wood washed up by the sea. It was so windy that while we were sitting there a mini whirlwind whipped up the beach debris and started throwing it at us.
The Red Rocks. It had got more windy by this point and the wind was actually picking up the sand from the beach and chucking it at us with great force. We had to shield the girls faces. It made for a very exciting walk back.
It might not have been the most pleasant of walks - but the views are spectacular and if the wind had not been as strong it would have been great. Unfortunately we never made it to the seals - it was just too far for a four year olds little legs.
This is the view looking back to the car park at the Marine Reserve. The only thing that spoils this area is the fact that they allow 4x4s to drive along the beach to see the seals. It seems like a really odd thing to do in such a beautiful area. Unknown to us, we were followed along the track by several 4x4s and I think they enjoyed our rendition of "Wheels on the Bus" before I turned around and spotted them and we hurriedly got out of their way.

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