Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bugs n Bugs

I think either flu or the dreaded "Swine flu" has hit the Brunt household this week. My poor husband has spent most of Sunday feeling very sorry for himself and wrapped up in a duvet on the sofa. Last time I looked at the news there have been over 229 confirmed cases of Swine Flu in Wellington. I would imagine that there are a lot more cases were people have just been looking after themselves at home without bothering the medical services. The symptoms appear to be fairly mild in most cases and the Department of Health advises people to not worry unless they have an underlying medical problem.

The girls have both had cold/flu symptoms over the last couple of weeks but are obviously feeling better today as they have been dancing around the living room to Abba hits all morning. They have spent the last week examining bugs and insects in the back garden and attempting to identify them in the "Big Book of Bugs" that we've borrowed from our local library. We have a slightly more interesting array of insects in New Zealand than in the UK. At least things seem to be made rather larger over here. Luckily there are only two poisonous spiders in New Zealand and they are both very shy and rarely seen (the Katipo and Redback Spider). There has not been a confirmed death from one in the last 100 years. I still told the girls not to touch any spiders in our back garden just in case!

We found some rather spectacular stick insects and what I think is some sort of Mantis on our front door.

The girls would also like to say a big thank you to Great Nan and Grandad who sent the teddy, doll and sweeties all the way from the UK. They were both really pleased to discover the parcel in the post box yesterday, and as you can tell from the pictures they were very happy with the toys. Thanks Nan and Grandad. XX


  1. Stick insects and preying mantis are my absolute favourite insects.

  2. Hope your hubbie feels better soon and you keep well. LOVE the photographs of the stink insect. We get a fair few in our garden too and they always have us in raptures of awe. I love the 'giant' dragonflies seen in the Botanical Gardens and around the wetlands of Karori Sanctuary too.

    I wouldn't worry about the spiders - I've been here 12 year's and not had any nasty incidents. But I guess safety first when children are involved.

    They look so cute and over her at Chez Lee parcels from the Grandparents never fail to put a smile on everyone's faces (and they always seem to arrive just when we need them most - i.e. miserable weather, school hols, illness etc.).