Friday, July 31, 2009

A Trip to Te Papa

The weather forecast told of frequent showers this morning so we decided to head into Wellington City and explore Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand. We had been to the museum and Waterfront in Wellington before but it really warrants a second trip. I really like this museum as it always reminds me what a unique place New Zealand is. One of the last places on earth to be populated by man and with a unique set of animal life and natural hazards. A Geography teachers dream location!

The Moa found only in New Zealand and thought to have become extinct in about 1500. They were hunted by the Maori and by the Haasts eagle.

The Weta - found in its largest form in New Zealand can apparently grow up to 90mm. We have only found one about and inch and a half long on our bathroom window. That was big enough. The name derives from the Maori "wetapunga" which roughly translates as "God of Ugly Things". Appropriate I think!

Designing a Squid.

The girls standing in front of some distant relatives.

The girls explore a Whales heart - and yes it is actual size!

I took this photo because the Geographer in me couldn't ignore this amazing visual display of the damage done by human settlement on New Zealand. The green on the maps indicates the forested areas before man, after Maori settlement and subsequent European settlement. There is a stark difference as you can see.

This photo doesn't do this story telling stage justice - the carvings and figurines were amazing.

A house just the right size for the girls.


  1. Oh wow, you're a geographer too?! I did Geography at Southampton University, way back in 1995 (year I graduated).

    I LOVE Te Papa and go at least once a fortnight with the girls. There is always something new for their young eyes to explore and learn from. I love as they get older they see new things. With my eldest now reading she is seeing the museum on a whole new level. We're so lucky to have it on our doorstep - and it's free! (Though I do tend to spend a little too much on food in the cafe... and parking... and the occasional treat in the children's store and gift for the parents...).

    Looks like you had a fabulous time. Have you tried 'Story Place' with your girls yet? Definitely worth a look in.

  2. What fun! I really need to make the effort to get into town.

  3. Looks like it is definitely worth a few visits. We like the Auckland Museum. There is always something happening there and it is very kid-friendly. So good to see museums moving with the times and making learning fun.