Thursday, July 23, 2009

Windy Wellington and Cakes for Kindy

We woke up this morning to the thunder of rain on the roof and the constant knocking of the back garden gate in the wind. We knew it was windy in Wellington before we moved here. Researching the area, we found almost all the videos on You Tube of Wellington are made by people filming the effects of the wind on their back garden or local area. Well sticking with this trend, below is a video of our back garden taken this morning. The weather has been rather rough all day and the drive back from the train station this evening was rather treacherous due to the sea breaking on to the road in places and flash flooding. It was a rather exciting ride.
Kindergarten is having a fundraising clothes sale and in an attempt to help out I rather rashly volunteered to make cakes for their stall. So the girls and I spent the morning baking.

There were plenty of volunteers to lick the bowl.

The cake mixture was very popular so hopefully the cooked cake will taste just as good.

The finished product!


  1. What adorable helpers in the kitchen. I love baking on cold, rainy days. Of course, it's much better when you can have the cake AND eat it!

  2. Thats not a wind! Thats a genntle breeze by Brittany standards.Cake looks good.

  3. Nothing like a spot of baking to cheer the soul and warm you up.