Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Summer Birthday in Mid Winter.

It was my birthday this week and in all the thirty-ish years before this, it has occurred at the height of summer. I would normally have spent my birthday going for a picnic and lunch sitting in the sun by the sea. However being on the other side of the world and the fact that it is mid winter here meant that we had to change our plans this year. My girls, with a little help from my husband made the amazing cake shown above. It was delicious and subsequently didn't last very long.

Luckily for the first time in a couple of weeks the sun decided to come out this weekend and we headed out for a walk in the sunshine with the "elves" at Rivendale in Kaitoke.

According to my daughters the elves use the picnic benches for their lunches and dinners!

Even in mid winter the river looks magical.

The girls insisted on doing a bit of paddling before we left.

Lots of interesting stones!


  1. Happy Birthday - glad you choose to spend it up in the wilds of Kaitoke. It's been truly glorious up here this weekend. We steered clear of the Regional Park though for fear of the crowds!

  2. Happy Birthday and so pleased the weather came up trumps for you. I love that spot in Kaitoke and your girls certainly looked to be having some elfish fun! Best wishes

  3. Happy birthday! I've been wanting to check out Rivendell for ages...