Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Praise of Fluffies!

One of the best things about New Zealand for kids is the invention of the Fluffy. This is a drink that you can get in most of the cafes and coffee shops in Wellington. It consists of frothy milk in a cup and saucer and is often drizzled with chocolate sauce or powder. It also comes accompanied by two or three marshmallows in our local cafe, this makes it irresistible to the girls. Its so popular with my youngest I can use it as a bribe to get her to help Mummy do the shopping (which is normally absolute torture!). This Sunday prior to our walk on the beach we warmed up with Fluffies and coffee first.

It was a bit of a grey day but the views on Paraparamou beach were still stunning.

Despite the grey weather the girls loved paddling and searching for shells.

The Brunt women.

Lots of birds!

We were followed by a lot of gulls and I was quite surprised that my camera managed to get this shot.


  1. Lucky you that it actually stopped raining long enough for a walk. We seemed to be under a constant fog of rain clouds.

  2. Hey dude :) really great pics, keep them coming Mitch, really good to hear from you all. Chris x

  3. We always laugh when ordering fluffies here. In Australia, "fluffie" is a polite way for little kids to say "fart". As in: 'I did a fluffie". Aussies call this drink a 'babycino'.

  4. Right I shall make sure we use the more sophisticated term from now on! Thanks Mrs Desperate.