Saturday, June 6, 2009

Searching for Seals

I was woken up this morning by a very wet lick on the nose. This wouldn't have surprised me if we still had our dog, but as she was unable to come to New Zealand with us it was a bit worrying. It turns out our 2 year old had decided that she was going to be a dog this morning and thought the best way of getting Mummy to wake up was to lick me on the nose!

This Sunday we are all rather tired, as we decided yesterday to yet again try and find these elusive seals which apparently can be spotted off the coast of Wellington. We ended up at Tuarakirae Head on the other side of Wellington Bay. Its a beautiful spot and the sky was so clear you could see across to the South Island and the snow capped mountains. We had a great walk all the way to the marine reserve but failed to spot any seals. I imagine that my two girls loud and repeated renditions of "Wheels on the bus" might have scared them off!

It was the start of winter on the 1st of June so it was surprisingly warm and sunny.

Lots of sheep!

Arty sheepy shot!


  1. Can't beat Wellington on a sunny day eh! Its a bit more of a trek but you can see seals on the South Wairarapa Coast. Sounds like you had a wonderful time non the less.

  2. Wellington is stunning - couldnt get over the snow on the mountains in June. Very wierd. We will try South Wairapa next - thanks for the tip.

  3. It's quite a long trek to the seal colony. we've never made it either.

    But I agree with DE, you can't beat wellinton on a good day.

    On a bad day you can beat it with a stick the rain is so thick.