Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trampolines and cars

Its been the last week of the school holidays this week. The other half has had to go back to work for most of it, but me and the girls have spent the week at home. I've been mostly marking assessments and the girls have been enjoying time just chilling and doing the odd bit of crafty stuff around the house.

On Friday we met up with friends and went to a trampoline park in Wellington. Things like this didn't exist when I was young (in the dark ages!) but they look such fun. I am extremely jealous that they don't seem to make these places for forty year olds.

It's basically a large warehouse filled with as many trampolines as they can squeeze in plus the odd foam pit and climbing wall.

On Saturday we went to the Car Show of the Century at the TSB Arena in Wellington. We spotted the first car on the harbour before we even entered the Arena. Obviously an amphibious design.

I love cars and was a huge Formula 1 fan when I was younger, so the opportunity to see the Maclaren from 1973 was fantastic.

The other half's favourite car was the "Treka". A New Zealand attempt at making a practical rival to Land Rovers and other farm off road vehicles. Although weirdly it was not a four x four. I personally couldn't see the appeal. I think is looks like a metal box on wheels.

I did like the modern Maclaren!

The girls liked the "driverless" cars. You apparently have the option of driving it from either side of the vehicle (as the steering wheel moves) or not driving it at all and allowing the  car to drive itself.
I do not understand the appeal of this. I enjoy driving and would not enjoy relinquishing control to a computer.

The whole exhibition prompted a lot of heated debate about the future of cars and we ended the morning at the Crab Shack. 

A good ending to the holidays.

(I am not happy with the quality of the photos in this post. All of them were taken on the i-phone. I think I will go back to my normal camera next week!)

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