Saturday, April 8, 2017

Chainsaws and sunlight

After heavy rain blue sky emerged.

We had the remnants of Cyclone Debbie crossing New Zealand this week. Luckily Wellington really only got the edge of the weather. Other parts of New Zealand were not so lucky. Edgecumbe in particular was hit hard, with roads and houses completely submerged.

The heavy rain also brought plummeting temperatures and we have had to rush out and buy wood for our stove. Next door are clearly better organised than us as the smoke from their fire this morning confirmed.

We still have a few brave roses in the back garden reminding us that we did have a bit of summer this year. Not sure how long they will last.

Our Guinea pigs seem to be oblivious to the weather and I saw Sydney here wondering about in the middle of the rain storm this week. I think he prefers basking in the sun though.

The bottom of our garden is still a bit swamp like but looks good in the sun.

We had to chop down one of our big trees again this weekend. It had fallen 6 months ago and was leaning against the car deck. Worried that it would eventually damage the deck we climbed up it and cut it down bit by bit. At least that was the plan. What actually happened was a bit more dramatic. The other half was sitting on it at one point using a chain saw to cut the main branch in half. He felt it move beneath him so jumped off and the whole thing sprung up raining branches and leaves as it fell. I may have screamed a bit at the point. 
I think we will be getting the professionals in next time.

Our car deck is about 30 feet up in the air as this picture shows. So the tree had quite a way to fall. They certainly don't build houses like this in the UK.

Our house looks good in the sun. I do love living in a forest.

It's just the falling trees I don't like.

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