Friday, April 21, 2017

Antler Lodge

Ever feel like you just need a break from the high speed fibre connection of life? That things are zipping by just a bit too quickly to catch your breath or read the signs?

I have felt an awful lot like this since Christmas. So in an effort to give us all a chance to reconnect with each other, before the kids grow up too much to want to spend any time at all with us, we booked four nights at Antler Lodge.

Antler Lodge is only about an hour from us but it is still remote enough and isolated enough to enable you to disconnect from the rest of the world for a short time.

It is nestled in the Rimutakas just north of Wellington and surrounded by forest. You have to drive for a good 10-15 minutes up a woodland track to reach it and the lodge itself is apparently higher than the summit of the Rimutaka hill road. You certainly feel like you are living amongst the clouds.

We spent four nights here, disconnected from modern life for a brief spell. It was bliss!

We explored the surrounding woodland and kept an eye out for deer and wild pigs that are said to roam the area. We failed to spot anything other than possums. I think the dogs noisy exploration of the undergrowth everywhere we went, kept them away. 

The lodge was built by the present owner and is clearly a labour of love. It has obviously seen many happy family holidays. Ours can be added to the list. Despite the expected moans from the kids about having to be disconnected from the wifi for an extended period, they soon began to enjoy the many, many, board games and new books that we cleverly brought with us.

The lodge also has a rather large outdoor bath. If you have never had an outside bath before I can thoroughly recommend it. Staring at the stars on a chilly night from a steaming bath in the middle of nowhere is an experience everyone should have!

But the best thing about the lodge, by far, was the amazing views.

If you are interested in staying at the lodge, the website link is here.

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