Saturday, May 6, 2017

Netball in the sun

Winter sports season is here again and for us that means most of our weekends are now devoted to netball.

I believe I have said this before on these pages, but sport is a national obsession over here. On a Saturday, parents all over New Zealand ferry their kids between the rugby fields, netball courts and hockey games. Our local sports fields are heaving with parents, dogs and kids in various different sporting outfits and the odd coffee cart doing a roaring trade.

Our kids have graduated from doing soccer when they were younger to being devoted to netball. So Saturday mornings now involve cheering them on from the side of various different netball courts and taking the dog for a walk in between games.

Thankfully this Saturday was gloriously sunny, I am sure I am going to be less enthusiastic once the weather gets colder.

I was never involved in any team sports during my childhood, something which I regret greatly now. I love the opportunities they have over here and the enthusiasm and support they get from the volunteer coaches and the clubs that organise all the competitions. I shall be very sad when the kids get too old to be involved in this anymore. Either I will have to join a team or I'll have to wait until we get some grandchildren!

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