Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wellington by night.

I think you can really tell the character of a city by exploring it at night. When the stars come out the veneer or daylight disappears, then you can really begin exploring the bare bones of the city and the true character of the area is revealed.

When living in the UK I loved Bristol and Brighton. These cities felt quirky and interesting to me and when wondering around at night (as long as you kept to particular areas) I felt relatively safe and people were good natured and generally friendly.

Swansea is beautiful at night and I spent many nights wondering along the seafront gazing at stars and having philosophical and deep conversations as a slightly inebriated student. However my favourite city at night is now Wellington.

Thanks to our lovely local babysitter (make sure you find one if you move here, they are a vital resource!) the other half and I get to go out reasonably often in Wellington. Its always a lively but fun evening and we often end it with a stroll along the waterfront gazing at the lights of the city and the stars.

Despite the fact that sections of the city are still cordoned off following the large earthquake and subsequent decision to demolish particular buildings, the city is still alive and thriving. People are just working around the streets that are no longer accessible. It also makes for a rather good dramatic backdrop to a night out.

The city comes alive at night with people enjoying the huge number of restaurants, shows and entertainment on offer. For such a small city it packs a big punch entertainment wise. People of all ages wonder through the night markets and the streets packed with a huge variety of restaurants and eateries.

Having done this many times it always feels a safe and friendly place to wander.

We went to The Orpheus, a New Orleans themed restaurant. The food is rich, delicious and plentiful. We haven't yet managed to actually finish everything we've ordered. However the best bit is the live music. Traditional New Orleans jazz. It reminds me of the music from the original Disney Jungle Book. (clearly my knowledge of music is very sophisticated!). It has a lovely lively atmosphere and I could have sat there all evening listening to the trombone and drinking cocktails. Unfortunately I did have to make my way home eventually.

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