Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tough week, warm weather

It's been hot this week. So summer has definitely arrived, some would say, with a vengeance.

Its been so hot at work I resorted to taking in a small fan and directing it straight at my face in an effort to look slightly less hot and sweaty. I am not designed for temperatures above 18 degrees.

There are mutterings at the moment of moving the summer holidays into February rather than having them directly after Christmas. I have to say that I think there is something to this suggestion. Its very difficult to concentrate at work when the temperatures are more suitable to swimming in the sea than trying to sit at a desk shuffling papers.

It was way to hot for the dog this week so he has had to put up with early morning walks rather than trying to attempt the walk up and down our road in the searing heat of the day. He doesn't seem to mind as long as he still gets to sniff and pee up every lamp post in our little town at least once a day.

I have been getting very depressed and impotently angry at some of the events in the world at the moment (even in our seemingly remote and safe location). So having gone on a rather inspiring course at work this week, when I came across this quote I was reminded at just how important my job is.

I am lucky enough to be a teacher and this quote, by New Zealander of the year, reminded me just how important it is to teach people to question and empower them with ability to believe they can change the world. This is something New Zealand does rather well. The education system does produce a lot of deep thinkers and an idealistic population that still believe that they can go out and change things for the better. And long may they keep doing so! The dangers of not doing so seem to be glaringly obvious at the moment.

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