Saturday, February 11, 2017

Arborists and washing machines

About two weeks ago my washing machine broke down quite catastrophically. It involved large crashes, bangs and the smell of melting rubber. There really was no coming back from that for my poor overworked washer.

So panicking somewhat at the thought of coping with the mountain of clothes my lot produce daily we went online and immediately ordered a new washer and separate dryer. Unfortunately we would have been better off going into a store as it took a good two and a half weeks for my, clearly in demand, machine to arrive.

Thankfully yesterday two lovely delivery men braved my noisy yappy dog and manoeuvred the new washer and dryer down our narrow staircases to the laundry room. I have never been so happy to see any white goods before! Lovely though the lady in our local laundromat is, I hate the idea of anybody but me washing my pants and socks. The weekly visit to wash the sacks of clothing we produce was getting me down as I was terrified that one of us would drop a bag and my undergarments would be displayed to the whole of the town!

The other drama that occurred this week was the discovery that one of the tallest trees in our garden had been toppled by the strong winds over last weekend. I only discovered it had fallen last Sunday when the dog started manically barking at something in the garden. I followed him out to see what was going on and found I could no longer go into the bottom of the garden as the way was now blocked by an enormous tree.

I don't really understand why we didn't hear it fall as it must have made quite a racket. It took a branch off a neighbouring tree as it went and is now resting on top of next doors pergola and our joining fence.

We have a lovely Arborist from Paekakariki coming on Tuesday to gradually take it down. He described how he is going to abseil down from the two tall trees still upright and slowly cut down the fallen tree from the top so that it doesn't do any further damage to next doors garden structures.

It should be really interesting to watch so I'm going to pop home from work and see if I can take some pictures of him in action.

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