Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lift off in Levin

This Saturday night we braved the traffic on the SH1 and headed out towards Levin to watch the Balloon Night Glow event. The Levin Balloon festival is on for the whole of the Easter weekend and involves mass ascensions, splash and dash games and other events to highlight the balloonist (balloon pilots?) skills. We decided to go and see the Night Glow as it sounded spectacular and we weren't disappointed.

It felt rather risky watching the balloon's inflate. We were allowed really close and were told to just run very fast if at any minute it looked like it was going to move in our direction. Really good safety measures!

I am not sure if A really understood what was going on or why we were sitting in a field watching very big balloons being blown up, but I think she enjoyed it.

As dusk fell the scene became surreal as all the balloons began to inflate on mass.

The small wicker baskets do not look at all secure or strong enough to me.

I was really surprised that we were allowed so close to the balloons - what with the huge flaming gas jets everywhere!

It was clearly a late night for everyone!

Beautiful and somewhat alien looking shapes in the night.


  1. Wow! I didn't know about this event. It looks awesome and lots of fun! Thanks so much for the photos. We might have to make arrangements to see it next year!

  2. Wonderful pictures and commentary. A looks like she really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the views perhaps we can be there for next years event?

  3. They have these sorts of events in the Wairarapa and I'm determined to get there next year.