Friday, April 9, 2010

Autumn Sunshine and stalking cows at Battle Hill

I love this time of year. The air is fresh and crisp but the sunshine is still warm. We took the girls to Battle Hill Farm again today but decided on taking a different route and completed the "red route".

This area is the scene of one of the last battles between the Government forces and Maori led by Te Rangihaeata in 1846. The Government forces outnumbered Te Rangihaeata's men by over 200 but still no one can apparently claim victory. Eventually Te Rangihaeata fled north to Levin and the land was sold for farmland. In 1987 the land was sold to Wellington Regional Council when it became the Farm park it is today.

I like cows, I think they have beautiful faces but I also find them slightly scary. They tend to follow you in a menacing and somewhat threatening way. Its as if they are sizing you up. If they think you are looking at them in the wrong way they will squash you like the tiny flies that constantly surround them. My husband thinks I'm nuts and he is probably right but i still find walking through fields of cows very nerve racking. This cow decided we were really interesting and stalked us for a good twenty minutes. Very scary!

The Swampy Gully.
Taking a well earned break.

Celebrations as the summit is reached.


  1. I saw the sign to this place yesterday and thought of you. Looks amazing. I think I'll add it to my must go and photography places.

  2. Brings back memories of those lovely summer days in Battle Hill park. Great photos, you are getting professional.

  3. Just red all your blogs over last few nights as we decide whether to leave Scotland for Wellington with our 2 and 4 year old girls ! Hardest decision in our lives, thankyou for all your insights.

  4. Hi Fiona - thanks for your comment and I am really glad someone has found my blog useful! There is a great community of expats in Wellington and if you need any advice or help let me know. Hope you decide to make the leap, its worth it!