Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lake Tekapo

The last few days on holiday were spent at Lake Tekapo. The drive from Wanaka to the Lake was beautiful and rather fun. I kept imagining I was Jeremy Clarkson zooming through stunning landscapes in one of those super cars.

I know I drive a Volvo, but it can still climb up mountain passes at quite a lick. Its just the kids arguing in the back that tends to spoil the moment!

The water in the lake is a gorgeous colour. This is apparently due to the rocks the water passes over before reaching the lake. The water collects tiny amount of dust that gives the lakes in this area this amazing blue colour.

This tiny church on the shore front adorns many a postcard in this area. It was very difficult to get a shot of it without other tourists in the picture. As you can see I failed.

People travel specifically to this area to star gaze. It is apparently famous for being a location with a particularly clear sky and there is an observatory on one of the hills around the lake. We wondered down to the lake in the dark to have a look for ourselves. It certainly is a great place to view the milky way and I did attempt to get some photos but failed dismally. I think I may actually have to read the instructions for my camera!

If you area lucky enough to visit this area I would thoroughly recommend completing the walk around the observatory and visiting the cafe at the top. It is described in the Lonely Planet guide as being "probably the best place in the world for a cafe". I agree with this assessment. It has some amazing 360 degree views. 

All in all I loved this area and we will be coming back in the winter to explore it in the snow. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning images here The Brunts! I've added em all to my Pinterest travel inspo page and credited your post here. Gorgeous stuff!