Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cave Stream Scenic Reserve - Castle Hill

I don't like enclosed spaces. So I did not do this walk. However my other half has no fear and apparently neither do my kids or my sister. So when they spotted this opportunity to walk and climb through an underground cave they jumped at the chance. 

The cave walk involves climbing in the pitch black through a cave system for about half a kilometre from one entrance to another. The cave also has ice cold mountain streams running through it so you need to be prepared to get wet.

The water at the beginning comes up to an adults chest height so you need to be wearing wet suits or clothing that you don't mind getting soaked.

We discovered the caves on day one of our stay in Castle Hill and my other half was so enthusiastic to explore he went in fully clothed!

Yes this is a picture of my husband and my nutty sister going into the cave fully clothed. We had a very soggy journey back to our bach!

This is my eldest (she's 12) climbing out of the cave having completed the 560 metre journey through the cave system. She loved it! 

It is a challenging route as you have to climb up underground waterfalls and negotiate rock falls. DOC recommend you don't go alone as people have died. However on the day we went there were plenty of hardy souls completing the journey and all emerging from underground looking very pleased with themselves.

I am slightly disappointed with myself for not doing this walk. My other half and sister said it was a "once in a life time opportunity". And I agree it probably was. Everyone I spoke to at the exit to the cave said how amazing the rock formations are underground. I think I may summon the courage next time we visit the area. And I am sure we will be back!

If you fancy visiting this cave system here is a link to the DOC site - Cave Stream Scenic Reserve

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