Thursday, August 13, 2009

Signs of Spring

We have had a glorious weather for almost two weeks now. Its been fab. We have been out on loads of walks and to numerous parks and beaches. All the sunshine makes you feel so much better after the cold wet and rainy time we had before.

People have given me varied views on whether this means spring has sprung. One rather depressing view was that this was just a brief pause and colder wetter weather would soon return. Another person (who's opinion I prefer) says this weather is the start of better things to come. I certainly hope she is right!
I thought I would post some of the photos I have taken over the last two weeks which I think definitely indicate that Spring is on its way.

All this fresh air can be very tiring on little legs.

There is a great play area in the Botanic Gardens which was extremely popular when we went.

Coffee in the sun in the Rose Garden.

Lambs - very springy!

Snow capped mountains in the distance from sunny Wellington.

There is a lot of blossom around, which I am convinced is a sure sign of Spring.

Blossom at the Botanic Garden.

I am writing this having listened to the rain pounding on the roof this morning so it seems this weekend is not going to be quite as sunny as the last one. However my mini weather station does seem to think its 18C outside so perhaps things may still improve!


  1. I'm feeling positive about this sunshine and taking it whilst it's here. I don't mind the occasional interlude of rain in between - as the garden needs it - but do hope that the never ending weeks of cold southerlies are now behind us (finger's crossed!). I love your sunny photos and that you have a little weather station in your garden.

  2. Why on earth can,t they build a proper roof in NZ. This use of corrugated tin is a bit basic and the insulation value must be low. I wonder why they choose to construct the roofs in such a basic way? There must be a reason, perhaps they make corrugated iron in NZ!!

  3. I'm hoping spring is on the way too! Mind you, the winter (in Auckland) was nowhere near as bad as I expected. We certainly do make the most of good weather these days though, instead of taking good days for granted as we used too. Lambs! That's a definite sign of spring. And when we were at the zoo recently, tortoises were attempting to mate. Apparently, that's a sign of spring on the way ...