Friday, August 7, 2009

Horsing Around (Angels on horseback)

Inspired by reading another Wellington blog ( we decided to try the girls horse riding this weekend. We went to the Country Club Riding Academy ( in Oharui Valley about a twenty minute drive from us.
The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and as it was their first time on horse back where surprisingly unfazed by the size of the pony or the speed when trotting. Our pony was called Duchess and she was very calm (bordering on half asleep) and seemed to want to spend most of the time in the corner of the arena where the sun was shining. She kept walking around with us and as we entered the sunny corner, would become unstoppable and head straight onwards towards the fence and halt with her rear end facing into the sun. Having said that she really was the perfect horse for the girls to have their first ride on. She was very gentle with them when they tried to give her very passionate cuddles at the end of the ride.

The riding centre looked fantastic and caters for all types of riders. So next weekend I may well be going on a trek myself.

Very little people on a large stubborn pony.


  1. Truly marvellous! What a great way to spend your leisure time; very entertaining too! Now it's Mum and Dad's turn.

  2. Oh, how fabulous. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. It's such a relaxing, special place. I didn't ride growing up and have only been on little, guided treks, when I've been on holiday, but I do love horses. The treks up into the hills sounds wonderful. My youngest child, Sophie, came up with a fascination of horses when she turned two and it hasn't stopped. I'm thinking she must share some of the gene pool with my sister - who rode horses a lot growing up! As much as I would have loved horse riding lessons, I had already used up my hobbie time (and money) allowance on dancing, piano and swimming classes (as well as Brownies and Guides...).

    Hope you get a chance to enjoy a trek yourself and look forward to reading of your experiences!

    Enjoy this beautiful sunshine!