Friday, November 10, 2017

Green Intentions

It has become quite a tradition in our household to go to the Green Expo each year at the TSB Arena in Wellington.

I find it rather inspiring that so many businesses are interested in becoming more eco-friendly and that equally so many people wish to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I realise that all of the business are ultimately interested in making money, but if they do it in a way that encourages us to think about how much we consume and the way we use things, then its got to be a good thing, right?

The expo was packed as usual and full of interesting and very earnest sellers. We picked up our traditional stock of organic peanut butter, reusable food wrap and information and leaflets on electric cars and sustainable roofs. The kids ate as many free samples of ethically produced chocolate and organic coconut yogurt as possible, so much fun was had by all!

After strolling around the expo we headed next door to Munchin to have some pretzels and burgers. It was also a good location to observe the preparations for the football match that was going on later in the day. The All Whites vs Peru. 

I believe the guys in this picture are members of the All Whites. This is judging by the reaction of people who burst into applause as they passed! I have no idea about football!

We spotted loads of soccer fans as we wondered around Wellington including this chap who was dressed up as a Mummy for the match.

It was another beautiful day in a city that Ed Sheerhan has recently claimed is his favourite :)

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