Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Term 3 is always the most difficult term of the year. Running through the end of winter and the start of Spring the weather is unpredictable and often a bit dark and rough. Towards October the weather begins to improve and by the time we reach the school holidays we are all exhausted and in desperate need of the sun.

So this year we decided to head to the South Island (going on the InterIslander is always fun and makes it feel like the start of the holidays)! We booked the beautiful bach shown above in a small hamlet about 25 minutes outside Motueka called Ngatimoti. The bach was right next to the river and I spent most of the week trying in vain to get a good picture of the Kingfishers that spent their time hunting in the river.

On the first day we headed to Motueka and found this wreak on the beach. It was actually purposefully beached when it reached the end of its life and now provided a rather good photography spot.

The wreak also provides a home for rather a lot of wildlife and I was really pleased when I managed to catch the Heron shown below.

Our bach was in a lovely location and once the sun came out it was the perfect spot for a cup of tea and a spot of bird watching.

Kaiteriteri was about half an hours drive away and had some beautiful beaches.

I was successful in catching pictures of the Tui's but unfortunately the Kingfisher remained elusive.

So I gave up and took pictures of the stunning scenery instead.

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