Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cuba Duba

This rather cloudy Saturday we headed into Wellington to have a look at the Cuba Street Festival (or Cuba Duba as it appears to be known). 

If you have never been to Wellington then one of the must visit places is Cuba Street. Its a pedestrianised shopping area full of weird and wonderful shops selling everything imaginable from vintage clothing, army surplus, comic books and memorabilia. Plus an apothecary, fabulous cafes, bars and art shops. It always reminds me of the lanes in Brighton but is far less painfully trendy.

This weekend the street was full of art and crowds of people. There were many street artists and bands dotted up and down the street. Plenty of stuff to keep all of us happy and amused.

Thankfully, despite the threatening clouds the rain held off and we could still appreciate the art exhibits dotted around and above us.

Outside my favourite chocolate shop we came across a group singing opera. I'm afraid I am not sure exactly which opera they were singing but it did involve this chap attempting to climb the building at one point!

Eventually he climbed the building using the internal stairs and reached what I presume is the love of his love and they sung a beautiful duet.

These guys were my favourite group. The double base and guitar were awesome. Unfortunately by this point the kids were worn out and we had to head home before the evening entertainment started. My eldest is going to become a teenager this year so all the way home she moaned about how embarrassing it is when people over thirty dance in the street. All I can say to that is next year, this forty something, will be going to Cuba Duba again and dancing in the street with the rest of them!

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