Saturday, December 17, 2016

Time waits for no woman

Yes it has been a long time. Yes a lot of things have changed. Yes we are still in New Zealand :)

In February it will have been eight years since we landed here and in November we became citizens. My girls are proper kiwis now and having spent the majority of their lives in the "land of the long cloud" they really consider themselves New Zealanders and not British.

We will keep dual citizenship (although Brexit and other events make me wonder why we bother) so that should the kids wish to spend time in the land of their birth they can.

I am still in love with this country and still carry my camera to all of the interesting places we visit. I will be returning to work full time next year but due to my rather nice new iMac I hope to start updating this blog again regularly.

It may turn into a photo blog with less writing involved but having looked back at this record recently it seems a shame to just abandon all these memories.

Below are some photos from the various fun locations we have explored over the last year.

The Chateau Tongariro in mid winter. Fantastic hotel and spectacular scenery. Always reminds me of the hotel in "The Shining". Thankfully not quite as spooky.

We completed the Tongariro crossing with the kids this year. One of the most amazing and scenic walks I have ever been on. Well worth doing if you get the chance.

We were also lucky enough to visit Castle Point on the east coast of the North Island. For any geographer or geologist this area is a must see location. The coastline in this area was uplifted around 2.4 million years ago and the rocks contain many fragments of fossilised sea life. It is believed this area was once a massive reef at the base of a large underwater canyon.

It is also a very good location for spotting these chaps. Although you can smell them way before you actually spot the. I never knew seals could be so smelly!

Anyway my aim to keep updating this blog from now on regularly. At least with photos if not a proper article. Hopefully there are some people out there who may still be interested!

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