Monday, January 19, 2015

South Island Holiday - Glenorchy

We have just got back from a fantastic two week holiday to the South Island. We have previously never been further south than Nelson Lakes so this year we decided to take a look at the Southern Alps and booked a bach (aka holiday cottage) in Glenorchy.

We decided to fly as it would take over 8 hours to drive and since I would be the one doing all the driving I opted for the flight from Wellington. It was a great decision as the day we flew out was clear and we got a great view of the Southern Alps and Mount Cook on the way down.

Glenorchy is a small town made up of a few streets clustered at the far end of Lake Wakitipu and is about a 45 minute drive from Queenstown (one of the main towns in the area and where the airport is). There a two pubs/restaurants and a couple of cafes and not much else in this little town. Which is probably why I fell in love with it.

To give you some idea of the beauty of the area several films have been shot in the surrounding countryside. The scene where Boromir dies in Lord of the Rings and Lothlorien, the home of the Elves where all filmed in the area.

We chose an amazing Bach located on the outskirts of Glenorchy. When we first drew up outside I was rather worried. It did look a bit neglected to say the least. However as soon as you stepped inside you realised how much love and care had been put into the old building. It is apparently 130 years
old and the creaks and wonky floors are a testament to this. However the unique decoration and home from home feel of the place made it a great retreat for us.

The biggest problem I had to overcome was the outside loo. It was not just outside, it had no door and no flushing mechanism. It was what is known as a long drop. Basically a big hole in the ground with a wooden seat constructed on top. Relieving yourself in the open air whilst a couple of curious fan tails fly around a couple of feet in front of you and chickens peck around the back of the shed, takes a bit of getting used too!

Ok so I knew this bach had a long drop toilet, but somehow I thought it would have a door!

The kids thought the cottage was great. There were chickens, horses and a donkey in the surrounding fields and even a fish pond to explore. It was also only a five minute walk from the cafes and restaurants in the village centre.

Overall Glenorchy made a great base for our adventures in the South Island.

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