Friday, August 1, 2014

Sunny Spells and Wet Weekends

This Saturday it is wet and blustery. I bravely ventured out this afternoon and was caught in a downpour with the dog. He was not impressed with my timing. The sea was a dark greeny grey and looked rather ominous and threatening. I tried to get some good pictures but my camera (or rather my skill as a photographer) was not up to really capturing the mood.

Thankfully last weekend was much more cheerful. We actually managed to get some work done in the garden. Or rather my other half did. I spent the afternoon messing around with my new camera lense.

This little guy sat and posed for a good twenty minutes. Very obliging of him.

Think we might be fighting rather a loosing battle with the undergrowth.

And this is how sunny it was in Wellington last weekend when we were lucky enough to go and watch a couple of soccer matches at Westpac Stadium. Worryingly my other half and the girls enjoyed it so much he is now considering buying season ticket to the Phoenix games.

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