Thursday, October 11, 2012

The cost of keeping in touch.

About three months ago we took a momentous decision as a family. On the spur of the moment we bought the two animals shown below. About a week later, and following many solo trips to feed them in the rain I came to the conclusion that maybe this had been a rash and unwise decision.

Unfortunately by then we had already fallen in love with them and so I am stuck making twice daily trips down the back garden to feed them in all weathers. I am sure standing in the pet shop it was not made clear to me that it would be my sole responsibility - but hey ho this is clearly just one of the many unwritten responsibilities that you take on when becoming a wife and Mum. Personally I think it should be in the wedding vows - to love honour and care for any small animals that may be bought on a whim by your husband when he is ganged up on by your daughters.

I think the addition of pets into a family is one of the most significant indicators that we are in this country to stay. Apart from the commitment to look after the little fur balls (for at least the next two years anyway, as far as the Guinea is concerned) we have had to invest in all the bulky equipment needed and figure out who will look after them when we visit the UK.

We have been planning a visit back for the last two years or so but the cost of transporting all four of us to the other side of the world is proving a huge obstacle. The sooner they invent transporters like they have in Star Trek the better!

To get all of us back for this Christmas it is likely to cost over eleven thousand NZ dollars. Possibly more as we have yet to book the tickets and apparently the cost increases the closer you get to December. I think we need to get organised fast.

So if you are reading this blog and thinking of moving to New Zealand please take into account the cost of visits to family. We will probably be fine to fund trips back to the UK in the future as soon as we sell our house in the UK. This year has been a real trial trying to put money aside each month but we have not seen some of our family for four years and we are over due a visit home. I also missed my sisters wedding as we could not afford the trip back.

I really just want anyone reading this to consider the cost of trips back when emigrating. If you have read the other posts on my blog, you will know that we love life here. Life in New Zealand is worth the cost and distance. Please just plan your visits to family better than we have.

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