Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back with a bit of Spring!

I have not touched this blog for at least a year but I felt that it would be almost criminal to just abandon it forever. It contains a record of, what has been so far, one of the most exciting episodes of this families life.

Life has moved on for us at such a rapid pace that I have not had time to do anything with this blog. I also feel that time is moving so fast that I am loosing track, and every record of, the many changes that are happening in our lives.

So I thought I would resurrect this blog and use it to keep a visual record of our continuing life in this strange new land, exploring strange new worlds and discovering new life forms... no wait that's Star Trek..... oh well I am sure you know what I mean!

We are still living in windy Wellington and still bringing up two little Kiwis. I have a job now which is one of the main reasons this blog has been neglected. The sunny spring weather prompted us to do what we enjoy doing most in this country, exploring and discovering new places. This is Makara Beach.

Great spring weather in a beautiful spot.

There were many people fishing and walking in the great spot. But this chap decided to walk across my attempt at an arty shot!

Great place for a picnic.

And a great place to search for sealife.

The view from above.

I think windmills are great. Clean, green and frankly quite beautiful.

End with an arty shot. x

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