Saturday, November 27, 2010

The first sign of a Kiwi Summer

Whilst everyone in the UK is doing there best to keep warm and coping with some heavy snow falls, we have been enjoying some great early summer weather. I love Kiwi summers and have really been looking forward to the first summer sun. This weekend we enjoyed some typical Kiwi pastimes.

Messing about in the river.

A picnic and nap in the sun.

We had our first barbecue of the season.

Waikani swimming pool is great. You can bring a picnic and spend the day eating and skipping between the three pools.

All the swimming lessons are paying off!

Paraparaumu is always great on a sunny day.

Its not even December but the sea is already really warm.


  1. Gorgeous pics! It sure has been glorious weather. We've never been to Waikanae pools! Thank you for an idea to add to my summer 'bucket list'!!

  2. Hi there, Jody here, living in Oakland CA. We lived in Notting Hill. London for 15 years so fascinated to read about your observations. Plus love the pic of snoozing in the sun!