Saturday, July 3, 2010

Winter Sun and Scottish Songs

It has been a beautiful day today. Clear blue sky's and bright sunshine encouraged us to head out towards the Kapiti coast. We took the girls to Queen Elizabeth Park for a splash in the sea.

Apparently this is a piece of expressive modern art depicting mans constant struggle against nature! Whatever it is A and J thoroughly enjoyed constructing it.

The Lindale Farm has re-opened for business this weekend so we decided to have a look. The pigs and rabbits were extremely popular with the girls but I have a very soft spot for the donkeys and Shetlands!

Hungry, cheeky goats.

The Paraparamou Scottish Pipe band were performing at Lindale and did a particularly good version of "Over the sea to Skye". I still find it weird to see so many Scottish traditions so far from Scotland but it is a good indication of the amount of Scottish immigration there has been to New Zealand and the cultural impact it has had.

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