Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scorching Bay on a Cold Day

We have had a difficult week dealing with building societies, banks, residency applications, flu (well Man flu which is clearly much worse) and nits. So we were all really looking forward to this long Queens Birthday weekend. This morning the sun was shining and the sky was a clear blue so we decided to head out along the marine drive in Wellington to Scorching Bay for lunch.

There is a great cafe there on the beach front and we had lunch huddled inside on one of the fiercely fought over tables. It appears lots of people had the same idea as us and it was simply too chilly today for people to sit outside on the beach front tables.

Oyster catcher. Never seen one of these before and we saw two today, the girls were suitably unimpressed.

Even though the sun was bright it still felt like mid winter.
Pictures in the sand.


  1. I love oyster catchers. They always impress me!

  2. Beautiful photographs of one of my favourite places to hang out in Welly. Oyster catches are so funny aren't they?! I love the noises they make. Glad you had a nice day - even though it was cold :)