Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I know I am doing the right thing but....

I know we are doing the right thing by living in New Zealand but it doesn't make it any easier when it comes to saying goodbye to people when they have to fly home. My parents have been here three months and last week we had to say goodbye again at the airport. I am sure Wellington airport is used to crying children and teary faced adults but it was treated to quite a scene when my youngest daughter realised that she couldn't go through security with Nan and Grandad, and no she couldn't travel in the suitcase either. At that point I was considering climbing inside one of the suitcases as well!

Having to say goodbye to people is a big downside of living here. As J's teacher helpfully pointed out you cant really get any further away from the UK than New Zealand. In this blog I am trying to point out all the aspects of moving this far, so I have to state that saying goodbye to my parents again was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Its like someone cuts of an arm and expects you to carry on playing the piano like before.

I think I am probably being a bit overly dramatic here. The great thing about living on the other side of the world today is that I can actually talk to, and see, my Mum and Dad every morning (and evening if I want!) for free via Skype. So my girls talk to their Nan over WeetBix and toast in the morning and I have chat in the evening. It is so easy to keep in touch that I probably talk to most of my relatives more than when we lived in the UK.

So this week we have been keeping busy and reminding ourselves why we moved this far from home. We decided to go camping at Kaitoke. It was one of the first places we visited when we arrived almost exactly a year ago. We spotted people camping there then and immediately decided we would have to do that as well!

Putting up the tent was easy and A and J helped enormously as you can see!

J in her snazzy hat.

Kaitoke really is a beautiful spot!


  1. I've just farewelled my Mum on her journey back to the UK and totally sympathise. My hubbie dropped her off at departures, which made the parting a little easier than us all going to the airport. Of course there were tears, but once we'd said goodbye it was easier to distract the children at home and for me too. We can but cherish the very precious time we have shared and savour the sweet memories till the next time. Best wishes

    P.S. Kaitoke camping looks fabulous

  2. Oh I remember that feeling well. We've come to learn that goodbyes at airports are just too painful. Best to drop them off and wave with a cheery smile. It doesn't make that stomach churning feeling and overwhelming sense of loss go away but does help ease the dreadful moment. Great that you ventured up here to Kaitoke for some camping adventures. Pity we didn't take the bassets up there this week as we might have spotted you.

  3. It is hard to say goodbye...I agree with Domestic Exec--drop them off, it's a lot easier.

  4. It was painful for us as well but we are already looking forward to our next visit and have some great memories of our 3 months in New Zealand. The girls jumping the waves at the beach and Pete extracting a large Weta from the shoes he had been wearing for the past hour were particular highlights. The one thing we sure about is that you made the right decision moving to NZ. The UK cannot over you and the girls the opportunity and lifestyle you now have; Speak soon,Love M&D

  5. Goodbyes are painful. I like what you wrote about keeping in touch with Skype. And I have been wanting to go to Kaitoke for ages! Looks like a great place!